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We are one of the largest providers of telemedicine in Europe. We deliver comprehensive telemedicine solutions for insurers, assistance companies, employers, medical entities, pharmaceutical companies, and as part of national healthcare systems.

Taking into account the expectations of our business customers and the specificities of local markets, we offer innovative telemedicine solutions, their implementation, and high-quality services of remote doctor consultations. Our solutions are used by an ever-growing number of patients across the world.

Consultation no: 2 187 332
Symptoms: Dizziness, Headache
Language: English
Consultation no: 2 437 267
Symptoms: Abdominal pain
Language: Spanish
Consultation no: 2 643 041
Symptoms: Dizziness, Headache
Language: Polish
4.7/5.0 average rating given by our patients
40% cheaper medical services
2.5 mln+ medical consultations
100+ business customers
20 countries
500+ doctors
10 languages

Comprehensive telemedicine solutions customized to the specificities of your company and of the market on which you operate

Irrespective of whether your company represents the insurance, medical, pharmaceutical or assistance industries, and whether you represent a medical entity or are an employer – we offer solutions to support your operations and to provide your patients with access to high-quality telemedicine services.

Learn what you can gain by starting cooperation with us:


You will ensure additional security to your customers. You will take comprehensive care of them by giving them access to telemedicine services as part of health, travel, life, or P&C insurance. At the same, you will limit the costs of medical benefits by offering cheaper telemedicine services in the first place.

Assistance Company

You will enrich your offer by providing your customers with instantaneous access to remote doctor consultations. They will be able to go on telemedicine visits 24/7, irrespective of their location in the world.

Healthcare system

You will offer patients broad access to telemedicine services rendered as part of the national healthcare system. Owing to teleconsultations, you will enable rapid and comfortable contacts between the patient and the doctor as well as high quality of remote consultations with doctors of different specializations. Local governments and public payers receive comprehensive implementation and post-implementation support during integration with our telemedicine solutions.

Medical entity

You will enable your patients and medical personnel to use telemedicine and its latest achievements. By way of our innovative telemedicine platform, you will ensure that your patients get access to remote doctor’s visits and that your personnel can remotely work within an intuitive medical system equipped with advanced functionalities and artificial intelligence tools. Hospitals and healthcare centres will receive our full support during the digital transformation and the implementation of telemedicine solutions.

Pharmaceutical company

By using our telemedicine services, you will reach the present and prospective customers faster and more efficiently. We will jointly create for your patients dedicated programmes in the field of prevention, management of chronic diseases, patients’ health monitoring, which in essence will improve access to medical services, increase their quality and enhance the treatment effects.

Enterprise clients

No matter whether you operate in banking, telecommunications, tourism, pharmacy or any other industry. You can expand with us the scope of your products by e-health services. By offering comprehensive telemedicine solutions to your customers, you will create for them additional value thus increasing the sales potential of your services.

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Why should you choose us?

Solution tailored to your needs

We carry out white label operations. The solutions we offer function in your environment and under your own brand. The numerous capabilities to customize our solution to your company’s business processes and to integrate it with the already existing IT systems mean that you receive the outcome that fully meets your expectations.

Easy and swift implementation

Our solutions take usually 48 h to implement. After this time patients can take advantage of telemedicine services in selected languages and of remote consultations with doctors of different specializations.


Our platform is implemented and maintained free of charge. In addition, you decrease costs, as the services of medical teleconsultations are on average cheaper by 40% than traditional medical consultations in a medical centre.

Advanced AI tools

Patients undergo a medical interview that enables an accurate specification of the symptoms and disorders. Special procedures walk the patient step by step and refer him/her to an appropriate specialist, while doctors are helped in their diagnostic process and choice of the best treatment method.

Increased patients’ satisfaction

Patients who have taken advantage of telemedicine services on our platform rate the service quality at 4.7 out of 5. When deciding in favour of our solution, you ensure patients’ comparable satisfaction plus the possibility to monitor the quality of teleconsultations.

Highest level of data security

Our platform complies with the GDPR and HIPAA requirements and the medical documentation generated in our system is retained in a secure electronic medical system.

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